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As the editorial team prepares to relaunch the Service-learning Librarian blog, we reviewed the blog's purpose. We envision this blog as the hub of a wheel, connecting those in academic libraries supporting service-learning efforts on their campuses. Our work may look different in our various settings, but we can learn from each other. To use another metaphor, a tree as the blog's new graphic shows, library workers can and do support the growth and vitality of community engagement and impact. We truly elevate, enhance, and archive the community work of our students and faculty, in a commitment to the public purposes of higher education.

Blog Purpose statement: Service-Learning Librarian (SLL) serves as a hub for information-sharing, professional development, and networking for those interested in the intersections between academic libraries and service-learning. The blog provides resources to assist with the expansion or improvement of library instruction and services to support service-learning and other forms of community engagement in a variety of disciplines. SLL content consists of guest posts from librarians active in this area, bibliographies for professional reading, and links to professional development opportunities.

We invite you to enter into the conversation! If you are interested in guest authoring, please contact moderator Anne Marie Gruber or any of the editorial team members, listed below. And feel free to comment on posts as well as communicating with us via Twitter (@sllibrarian).

Moderator: Anne Marie Gruber, Associate Professor of Library Services (; Institutional host: University of Northern Iowa

Editorial team: Maureen Barry (blog founder), Bowling Green State University; Jennifer Nutefall, University of Northern Colorado; Olivia Ivey, American University; Jenise Overmier, Marymount University

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