Kranich: Academic Librarians positioned to advance the institution's civic mission

Kranich, N. C. (2010). Academic Libraries As Hubs For Deliberative Democracy.  Journal of Public Deliberation, 6(1),  n.p. I just discovered this article, which is further proof of why librarians should be involved with service-learning.  Kranich writes:  "By repositioning themselves to advance the civic mission of higher education, academic librarians are poised to become essential partners and catalysts for preparing the next generation to participate in a flourishing 21st century democracy."  Of course, supporting service-learning is just one way that we are positioned to do this - but it's such an exciting and rewarding part of preparing students for life beyond academe. Kranich also writes:  "When academic librarians explore future directions, they inevitably expand and broaden their roles on campus." I would also argue that we will expand and broaden our rules in the community.  And don't both of these roles help us prove our worth and value?

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