Research Guides (Libguides) for service-learning

Every once in awhile, I'll check around to see if there are any new examples of libraries or librarians partnering with service-learning projects in higher education.  What I've noticed is that quite a few libraries provide a service-learning libguide (research guide, for you non-librarians...and even that may not make sense!).  This seems to be the most popular example of library support for service-learning.  In most cases, these are guides to support faculty for finding articles, books, etc. about service-learning.  Some librarians have created a guide that collects together resources to support a specific service-learning course. Here are several examples: Purdue: University of Cincinnati, Clermont: Michigan State University: Texas A & M: Duke University: Does your institution have a service-learning libguide?  Please share if you do!

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