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Swimming in Service-Learning Projects

Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

It's week 4 of the quarter, and I'm almost literally swimming in service-learning projects.  In addition to the information literacy course I co-teach, I'm also librarian-partner for two service-learning courses this quarter.  The Honors interdisciplinary course about social and environmental sustainability (UH 202-203) and an English composition course (ENG 102).  I am also preparing a syllabus for a service-learning course I will co-teach next quarter, UVC 103:  Campus-Community Connections in the First Year. So, I'm also swimming in research about all of these topics.  In UH 202-203, students are researching social and environmental issues in rural Appalachia (food insecurity, substance abuse, education, informal economies, health care access, marcellus shale, ecosystems affected by coal mining, just to name a few).  In ENG 102, the students are conducting research for Senator Sherrod Brown and his staff about the following food insecurity-related topics:  food deserts, school lunch and breakfast programs, local food systems, US sugar program, farm-to-school programs, SNAP and the food stamp challenge, and food marketing to children.  I will be required to meet with each of the students in each of these two classes.  Good luck finding free time in my calendar! Back to swimming...