Library support for service-learning projects and classes

This fall, I am again librarian-partner for a service-learning project in a first-year seminar (learning community) and a service-learning English composition course.  I had an initial meeting with each class last week. The first-year seminar/learning community class has a comic book/super hero theme.  We are continuing our partnership with Project READ this fall, and the students are going to find information about how comic books and graphic novels promote literacy (especially among reluctant readers - of any age!).  That's where I come in!  And then, they will use that information to create a two-minute video (using the multimedia lab in our library) that Project READ could use to persuade potential donors to give money or comic books/graphic novels to the cause.  So, the students will be using the library more extensively than most first-year seminars.  And I hope this means they will retain those IL skills they are exposed to since they are applying them to help solve this issue in our community. Information on the English composition course is forthcoming.

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