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Update, Week 3: InfoLit course (EDT 110)

Posted on Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

This week, students took their first readiness assurance test (see team-based learning, Larry Michaelsen) to reinforce the following concepts:  The information cycle, Invisible Web, Service-Learning, and the course syllabus!  Yes, we ask questions about the syllabus to be sure that they've read it!  They take the RAT individually, and then as a team.  They get the better of the two scores, which is almost always the team score.  The team discussion helps them understand/retain the concepts. The week 3 lesson plan included "selecting" information.  We evaluated web sites and information using the CRAAP test, developed at Cal State - Chico.   We googled "fundraising for nonprofits" (the topic we're researching for Project READ) and chose a web site in the results to evaluate together as a class.  Then, we dove into the databases to explore articles about the same topic.  Their homework for week 4 is to find 3 articles related to fundraising for nonprofits.  I encouraged them to try different keywords, such as:  social media fundraising, mobile fundraising, crowdfunding, and other fundraising buzzwords. Next week, we'll talk about the differences between the web sites and the articles they found.  And we'll work on how to read scholarly articles, and how to annotate and cite them.