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Planning for IL Course (EDT 110) - Winter 2012

Posted on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The  planning for EDT 110: Civic-centered research has begun!  My co-teacher and I are updating the syllabus, and going over our notes from the debrief after last winter's course to make the appropriate changes. We had to change the course title in order to fit into the registrar's system.  The new SRVI (Service learning intensive) designation in the course catalog, takes away some of the course name 'real estate,' thus, we had to change it at the last minute.  Now, the course will be called Civic-centered research (the old name was Community Research Connections).  I liked the former name better, but what can you do!?  That designation is important - for a few reasons.  First, we'll be automatically counted towards any civic engagement hour tallying that is done on our campus since we're designated as SL.  The administration regularly collects civic engagement/service hours to apply for the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.  Second, the designation will help the students understand that the class in which they are enrolling isn't a typical lecture class. My co-teacher and I also met two staff members from our community partner, Project READ, for lunch today.  We discussed some possible research topics for our students.  And we also talked about other service opportunities for our students to participate in outside of the classroom.  Those out of classroom service experiences are important because they tie the students more closely to the mission of the agency and the clients they serve. We're very excited about our collaboration, once again.  We couldn't ask for better partners.  They are energetic, creative, enthusiastic and appreciative!  They are also flexible, which doesn't hurt. One change we have made is to invite Project READ to visit our students on the second day of class.  In the past, they visited on the first day of class.  We are going to try something different this year.  We'll introduce the students to the concept of service-learning in the first class.  We'll have them read a book chapter for homework that prepares them for what service-learning is and what will be expected of them and how it's different than a typical lecture class.  After they have some time to digest that, then we'll introduce them to Project READ's director and she can tell them more about what they do for the community. More changes to come...stay tuned!