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SRV 200: Citizenship in our Democracy

Posted on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

I'm thrilled that I have yet another opportunity to work with a service-learning class next week.  SRV 200:  Citizenship in our Democracy is the introductory course for our Citizen Scholar certificate program. The instructor, Cathy Sayer (also our Director of Service-Learning), is asking her students to write final reflections that use their course readings on citizenship, their experience at the service sites and another source to inform their writing.  The class is small, and they are serving at three different sites, including an urban high school, an arboretum and a nursing home.  The students have already formulated research questions.  One student wants to research the achievement gap in urban schools, for example.  I'm assuming this is because he or she has witnessed it first-hand while serving at the school. I'm discovering more and more ways in which the library can partner in service-learning courses.  I'm grateful that the instructors on my campus are willing to include us as partners.