IL course (EDT 110) Week 8

Last week in class, our students spent time working in groups to revise their citations and annotations for the annotated bibliography and also begin to compile some recommendations based on their research.  We met with each team separately to check on their progress and make some suggestions about how to improve their citations and annotations and how to start writing recommendations.  Since our goal is for the students to experience all stages of information literacy, the recommendations they will write will be a way for them to synthesize the information they have found. We only have week 9 left to work on the portfolios; the students turn them into our community partner, Project READ, at the beginning of class week 10.  We asked the students to turn in their recommendations for Project READ by Sunday night so we could have Monday to review and make any suggestions for revision and return them in class on Tuesday.  Then, the students would have Tuesday in class and all week leading up to the last week to revise the recommendations and pull them together into one document to put in the group research portfolio. This rubric explains what we expect from their research portfolios.

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