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IL Course (EDT 110) Week 10

Posted on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Days like yesterday don't happen often - but they make all the struggles of teaching worthwhile.   Our students completely blew us away yesterday! A tradition of this course is that we invite our community partner staff members and the Director of the Office of Service Learning to the last day of class for a group reflection, and for the students to hand over their research portfolios to our partner. The students' reflections were the most meaningful and thoughtful we've experienced in the five times we have taught the course.  Even Cathy Sayer, the Director of Service Learning told the group it was the best reflection she's ever attended (and she's attended A LOT!).  The students put themselves in the shoes of others and confronted their privilege, which is, in my opinion, one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching (and TAKING) a service learning course. Our community partners were THRILLED with the work our students did and they appreciated the opportunity to be part of the reflection yesterday.  I believe we forged a very strong partnership our first time out. One of our students also approached us after class and told us how much she loved the class.  She also told us she intends to start tutoring at one of Wright State's partner-schools through the Office of Service Learning. If I haven't convinced you yet - I hope you'll seriously consider exploring service learning at your institution.