IL Course (EDT 110) Week 3

During Tuesday morning's class, our students discussed the web sites they found for homework.  They each found three web sites relating to assessing reading skills for K-8 students.  They decided in groups which they would deem the "best" and discussed with the entire class what criteria they considered in choosing the best web site.  After this practice in evaluating the web sites they chose, we provided a brief introduction to the Education Research Complete database, so they were prepared to find 3 articles on the same topic for homework. We overheard great discussion among the students as they practiced using the CRAAP criteria to choose the best web site.  They were well prepared to share their evaluations with the rest of the class.  My co-teacher and I are much more happy with their group work now that we've tried to adopt team-based learning (TBL) approaches.  (Check out Larry K. Michaelson's work for more information on TBL.  He has co-authored "Team-Based Learning:  a transformative use of small groups in college teaching" and "Team-Based Learning:  small group learning's next big step").  This blog is about service-learning, though - so pardon my tangent.

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