IL Course (EDT 110) Week 2

Week 1 was full of logistics and housekeeping.  An experienced SL instructor and faculty liaison to the Office of Service Learning, Dr. Sarah Twill (Social Work), presented "What's this service learning thing Cheryl and Maureen are making me do?" The students also met Becky Garvin, the interim director of Project READ, who explained to them what the agency does for our community.  She thanked them for the work they are about to do for Project READ and our community. During tomorrow's class, Week 2, we will introduce the students to the concept of the "invisible web" so they begin to understand what kinds of resources we'll use to do the research for Project READ.  We will also begin to practice evaluating Web Sites. Most importantly, we will conduct a readiness assurance test  (RAT) (based on Team-Based Learning:  A Transformative Use of Small Groups in College Teaching, Edited by Larry K Michaelsen, Arletta Bauman Knight and L. Dee Fink).  The students were assigned to read an article about undergraduate research habits, and to read our syllabus more thoroughly, so the questions on the RAT will cover concepts covered in those readings.  The idea is to promote accountability and preparedness for class.

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